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Proposed Standard 11/24/06

GIANT:            over 25 inches-30 inches

STANDARD:    over 20 inches-25 inches

JUNIOR:          over 15 inches-20 inches

MINI:               over 10 inches-15 inches

TOY:                 10 inches and under

Prior to Final Acceptance of Variety as a Breed a Pinscherdoodle over 18 mo. of age not meeting height and weight of the Variety it is in but does meet height and weight of another Variety may apply to be reclassified by sending Height and Weight Certification along with Request, Registration and Fee to the Kennel Club.


CROSS:    Beauceron X Standard Poodle

GROUP:  Miscellaneous

COAT:     Dense, may be wavy or curly

HEIGHT:   over 25-30 inches

WEIGHT:   55-95 lbs.

COLOR:  Black, blue, dark brown, isabella, red, fawn, cream, cafe, tri-harlequin and tri-parti all with Tan Markings: which include rust, red, fawn, tan, and/or beige and are located as dots above eyes, on sides of the muzzle fading off on cheeks, a breastplate or split breastplate, on throat, under tail, and on legs with inside being higher. Stray light hairs are tolerated. Shading of color is acceptable. Harlequin, parti, solids, and solids with white patches on chest, feet, and/or head accepted but may not be shown in conformation.

STANDARD:   Head: Slightly rounded skull. Eyes: Dark. Ears: Pendant. Muzzle: Long. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Strong. Topline: Level preferred.. Chest: Deep and broad. Body: Muscular, length may be longer than height. Legs: Forelegs straight. Hind legs powerful.  Feet : Strong with thick firm pads. Tail: Docked. Movement: Strong, yet energetic. Temperment: Calm, vigilent, and loveable.

SHOW CLIPS: Puppy, Mini-Pajama, or Pants with optional: German (shaved) ears and/or tail, Dutch (shaved) neck, and/or Desert (high shaved) ankle.

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