Your dog may learn 10-20 or More English words, if repeated often.



Hand Signal / Action

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 1.  COME

To Owner (Pack Leader)

Palm moves toward you

 2.  NO

Don't Do

Shake head no

 3.  NO BITE

Not Bite or Nibble People

Gently hold mouth shut

 4.  SIT

Rear Down

Palm up, fingers together up

 5.  DOWN

From Sit, Stretch out to down

"L"ground & out, palm down

 6.  STAY

Remain where you are

From Down, Stop sign in face

 7.  OK

Release from command

Shake head yes


Ignore it

Shake head no

 9.  LETS GO

Walk on leash, not pull

Switch direction if pull

10. OFF

Not Jump people / furniture

Hold paws, repeating "Off"

11. WAIT

Not follow out door, etc

Shake head no

12. GO

Go to your crate, pillow, etc

Point to place to go

13. TAKE IT / Hold

Take item

At first hold them from under

13. DROP IT / Out

Drop whatever in your mouth

Cup hand under mouth

14. HEEL

Go to Owner's left side

Pat Left Leg

15. UP

Jump Up on Something

Pat Object

16. JUMP

Jump over or thru Something

Help over or thru at first

17. OUTSIDE / Potty

Go Door/ Ring bell on knob

Open door and let outside

18. STOP IT / Shhhhh

Stop whatever doing, quiet

Clap, shake can, throw keys

19. WHERE's

Find Someone or Something

Help Find at First


From sit, Offers Paw

Tap dog leg for paw at first


Get Object

Throw Object

22. SAY HELLO/Be Nice

Nicely smell, no growl

Allow little smell, move on


Potty Now on Leash

Say when Potty always

24. BEG

From sit

Lift front paws to beg


Spin around 1X for treat

Turn hand in circles

26. BANG

Lie Down play like dead

Pistol fingers-Rub stomach

27. KISSES or NO Kisses

Depends on Owners likes

Offer chin if KISSES

28. FINISHED/ Free

End of Playing, Treats, etc

Brush hands together


Pull cart, stop pulling cart

Snap Reigns or Stomp Foot

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