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Home Safety Tips

Smoke Detector Batteries

Change annually + Check monthly

Fire Extinguisher

In Kitchen

Escape routes

Escape plan

Each room should have 2

Have one and PRACTICE it

Safe Meeting Place

Outside home, where to go if danger

If Gas Leak

Don't turn anything off, EXIT + call 911

No Loose Rugs/Items on Floor

Remove all loose items and add grab rails

Lock Your Cars

If you have a GARAGE.....USE IT

   Take Keys with You

Do not leave car running, even for minute

Protect Entry Points +Windows

Use Automatic Timer

Light Exterior

Start or Join Block Watch

Use good locks or other security devices

For Lights and Television when leaving

At night against burglars and falls

Neighborhood networking safety helps

Learn CPR

Fence + Lock Pool, Supervise Non-swimmers

Personal Safety Tips

Shred Discarded Paperwork

That contain financial or personal identifiers

Review Statements

Account for all activity

No Irrelevant Warranty

Information given and do not enter Sweepstakes

Inventory Record maintained

Keep record with make, model + serial #'s

source Peoria, AZ Police and Fire Department

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